Imzadi was born with us on September 20th 2020 with her two brothers Nugget and Louis. Her parents are our Nyota and Lundecock's Surprise Packet. Imzadi is a smart little girl, who loves to cuddle a lot. If all goes right we can expect puppies from her by the end of 2022, but of course first she has a lot of growing up to do, and we'll train and show her if shows are permitted again. And of course the required health tests will be performed once she's old enough. Imzadi loves doing all kinds of training and workshops as much as her mother Nyota does. She especially loves climbing over all kinds of objects and learning new tricks. I did Theaterschool with her and her best trick is waving. At the moment I do a Funcourse with her and next trainingseason we will see if she likes Agility. She is exactly 38 cm at the withers, so fortunately just remained within the standard. Too bad her ears are hanging a bit too low, so she will not be seen in the showring a lot.

Imzadi 16 maanden Imzadi 16 maanden

In these pictures Imzadi is 16 months old. It was quite muddy in the park.

Imzadi 10.5 maanden Imzadi 10.5 maanden

In these pictures Imzadi is 10,5 months old. We often call her the Collie because she has such an enormous coat and a collie-like head. She's soooooo sweet, especially with the little ones. She will undoubtedly be a great mother one day.

Imzadi 6.5 maanden Imzadi 6.5 maanden Imzadi 17 wekenIn these pictures Imzadi is 6.5 months old.
Imzadi 17 weken

Imzadi is in these pictures 17 weeks old. In the picture on the left she was a little too far away to get a sharp picture, but she was standing so perfectly in showstance. In the pictures below she meets all her canine friends in the park near our home, Bruno, Banjer and another I don't know the name of. Just like her grandmother Rishon, Imzadi loves bigger dogs. Especially Bruno, below right, is the love of her life. Anyway Imzadi takes most after her grandma, character wise. We can only hope she has not also inherited Rishon's size.

Imzadi 17 weken Imzadi 17 weken Imzadi 17 weken
Imzadi 16 weken Imzadi 16 weken

Imzadi is here 16 weeks old.

Imzadi 16 weken Imzadi 16 weken Imzadi 16 weken Imzadi 16 weken

On the left picture with her mother Nyota

Imzadi 13.5 weken

In these pictures Imzadi is 13.5 weeks old. We walk the dogs in two groups now. In the mornings Rishon, Nyota and Imzadi go to the park and in the afternoon to the forest. The other three, Hoshi, Keyla and T'Pau Go to the forest in the morning and the park in the afternoon. This way there's always something new to sniff out and we hope Imzadi will be more relaxed with other dogs than the three youngsters. Rishon and Nyota are better role models for her.

Imzadi 11 weken Imzadi 11 weken
Imzadi 11 weken

Imzadi went to the gardencenter, together with her grandma Rishon and she cuddled with a lot of people and children. In corona-times it's not easy to socialize a puppy, so we were happy with every person that litterally got on their knees.

Imzadi 11 weken Imzadi 11 weken
Imzadi 11 weken Imzadi 11 weken Imzadi 11 weken

And of course then you're tired of all the new impressions and happily fall asleep in te car in the same posture as your grandma. Imzadi was here 11 weeks old.

Imzadi 9 weken Imzadi 9 weken

In these pictures Imzadi is exactly 9 weeks old and for the first time outside with granny Rishon and to the petting zoo.

Imzadi 9 weken
Imzadi 8 weeks Imzadi 8 weeks

In these pictures Imzadi is almost 8 weeks old.

Imzadi 8 weken

Imzadi is here almost 7 weeks old, "helping" Han cleaning up some plastic sheet, together with her brother Louis. She gets a big daddy's hug as thanks.

Imzadi 7 weken oud
Imzadi 5,5 weken oud Imzadi 5,5 weken oud

In these pictures Imzadi is 5.5 weeks old and playing in the yard for the first time. Fortunately we had very great weather for the end of October and we could even leave the backdoor open continually until the boys left for their new homes the middle of November.

Imzadi 5,5 weken oud
Imzadi net geboren

Imzadi has just been born and still wet.

T'Pau 3 weken oud

In this picture Imzadi is 18 days old.

Here Imzadi is 4 weeks old.

Imzadi 4 weken oud