NL & DE Ch. South 'n Whites I'm Your Man (Forrest)

NL & DE Ch. Gwensigor's Hey I'm A Major Too

SA & FIN Ch. Milesend Dancing Major

GB Ch Tegwel Wild Ways of Sandwick

GB Ch Lythwood Sky Master
Marklin Wild Gipsy at Tegwel

GB Ch Milesend Dancing Along

Callart the Dancing Flames

Milesend Move Along Smartly

NL & DE Ch. Gwensigor's Didjiridu

Marklin Wild Jester

Marklin Evening Sprite

Marklin Wild Jungle

Gwensigor's Casey My Promise

Thorwald van Tamajedo
Crossmount Prisca Zarah

Hjalte's Skerlad Selena

Dustin vom Erkelenzer Land

AU, DE & INT Ch. Mehalah Merry Man

Marhaba Montrose

Mehalah Marsh Maiden

Wiebke von der Nieste

DE Ch Black Jim Beam von der Nieste

Nina Nemesia in Gold von der Nieste

Bell Flower Dancing Queen

SA & FIN Ch. Milesend Dancing Major

GB Ch Tegwel Wild Ways of Sandwick

GB Ch Milesend Dancing Along

Bell Flower Flora Donja

Marklin Wild Jester

Bell Flower Bella Donja

Green Paradise Key To My Heart (Rishon)

Int & Swiss Ch. Starbelle Samiro

Ch.Evad Sommer Shadow

Sommerville Smithson

Smithson = left (his daughter Evad Sweet Sommer on the right)

Crisanbee Goldsmith At Myriehewe

Thorntonhall Thoughts With Sommerville
Evad Cream Peach

Ch.Milesend Stormwarden

Evad Cream Eclair

Ch.Starbelle Sign Of Silk

Ch.Stornaway Sawney Bean

Ch.Milesend Dancing Major

Stornaway Sunshine

Ch.Starbelle Sweet Swan

Ch.Bermarks Upside Down

Ch.Starbelle Seldom Silent

Eastdale Just A Image Of My Dreams

Ch.Shellrick´s you May me Luck

Ch.Sheldon Space Joker

Ch.Kindergate the Joker

Ch Conspirol Space Flower

Magganett's Follow The Best Dream

Ch.Lynnfield that´s Totte

Ch.Shellrick´s Simply the Best

Eastdale Just a Spinning Image

Snabswood Spitting Image

Ch.Illiad Imagemaker

Snabswood Sandra Dee

S + FIN Ch Eastdale Just a Stormy Dream

Ch.Milesend Stormking

S & N Ch Eastdale Just A Summer Dream