Lovesome Christian

Lovesome Chrystal Blue

UK Ch Casheldor Kingfisher at Morestyle

Mohnesee Mr Palmer

Moonlight Black Magic
Felthorn Muscari with Mohnesee

Casheldor Madam Butterfly

Seavall Benedict at Neraklee
Casheldor Isla's Legacy

UA, RO, INT Ch Turmaja's Lovesome Rose

NO Ch La-Min-So's Blue Silver Otto

Felthorn Insider
La-Min-So's Sweet Lady

Imajan's Quality Rose

NO, SE Ch Imajan's Ivers Drilloson
Bermarks La Vie En Rose

Lovesome Whitney

SE, DK, PL, RO, INT Ch Shelteam Moonboy Dancer

SE Ch Starbelle Tough Enough

LU, VDH, INT Ch Katiedale Ace Of Spades
SE, DK Ch Starbelle Sign of Silk

Rights Jasmine

SE Ch Blackrill's Thunderstruck

Rights Galatea

PL Ch Lovesome Cherie

Vanilla Hills No Strings Attached Lovesome

PL Ch Dawnville Zetos for Lovesome
PL Ch Octavia Lilac Whisper Moda Na Sukces

PL Ch Observo Res Mira Excellens Vivarium

PL Ch Baks z Liszek
Karlija Blue Snezny Tygr

Rainbow Glory Lieut Keyla Detmer

DK, PL, DE, NL, BE, CZ, LU, INT Ch Light My Fire Amoreno (Fighter)

ROM, CZ, GR, INT Ch Quashee Operation Chaos

LUX, NL. BE. KR, DE, INT Ch Quashee High Class O'pinion

NL, BE, Lux, SLO, DE, KRO, INT Ch Quashee Cheeky Joker

KR Ch Quashee By Versailles

DE, INT Ch Arcot Strike A Pose

UK Ch Lythwood Sixsmith

Arcot Tillytrotter

PL, INT Ch Guantanamera Amoreno

SE, FIN, DK, NO INT Ch Shelteam Dreamcatcher

INT, FIN,EST, DK, NORD Ch Sheldon Space Joker

Shelteam Dream Design

PL, CZ, AUS, INT Ch Prima Gloria z Kojca Colli

PL Ch Highland Rogu'e Ze Shetlandu

Quanti Olive Asketila

Green Paradise Key To My Heart (Rishon)

Int & Swiss Ch. Starbelle Samiro

Ch.Evad Sommer Shadow

Sommerville Smithson

Evad Cream Peach

Ch.Starbelle Sign Of Silk

Ch.Stornaway Sawney Bean

Ch.Starbelle Sweet Swan

Eastdale Just A Image Of My Dreams

Ch.Shellrick´s you May me Luck

Ch.Sheldon Space Joker

Magganett's Follow The Best Dream

Eastdale Just A Spinning Image

Snabswood Spitting Image

S + FIN Ch Eastdale Just A Stormy Dream